Ellas Home

Ella’s Home opened its doors in January 2016 to enable the recovery of women who have experienced sexual exploitation and trafficking by providing a safe and restorative home.  Ella’s Home also works alongside other women who have experienced trafficking and/ or sexual exploitation but who now live independently across London, providing advocacy and support as required.

The home is located in London. The exact location remains confidential and to outsiders it appears like any other home. Here women gain a sense of community and belonging.

Women are given the tools needed to walk away from cycles of exploitation and abuse. Each woman works with a support worker to access essential services through partnership with multiple organisations.

These services include: medical care, counselling, legal assistance, education, skills training, employment, and assistance to reside in the UK or safe repatriation to country of origin.

In partnership with Kahaila Cafe we are able to offer training and employment to women.  Longer term, Ella’s Home will develop its own enterprises to create further opportunities that will also provide a means for the home to become self-sustaining.

Women will be empowered to move beyond the safe house and become independent, having gained the stability to meaningfully engage in their community here in the UK or in their home country.

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