Our story

Our story began in 2012 when we open our first coffee shop in Shorditch, Brick Lane.

With a slice of red velvet, a good cup of coffee and a smile, we introduced ourselves

to the community by providing a space where anyone could take a break from the

busyness of London and just belong, regardless of who they were. During the week

we built friendships with regular customers and at weekends we would chat to

people in the markets, get to know our neighboring shop owners and have a good

old game of Frisbee in the park with anyone who wanted to play.


Now four years on, life in our community is still thriving and our organic form of

community has now grown into various types of gatherings.


Our prayer is to share the love of Jesus with those around us, and at Kahaila we are

committed to being creative about making that happen. Whether it is through arts

and crafts workshops, supper clubs, film nights, book club, social justice or music

events, we hope to create space where honest friendships and community can be